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paintthecityred's Journal

Paint the City Red
External Services:
  • paintthecityred@livejournal.com
  • youremyxcanvas

Friend's Only.
Read the info &
Comment to be Added.

ICONS; simply put "made by paintthecityred in your icon comments or keywords.
FRIEND'S ONLY BANNERS; credit me beneath the banner where used. "credit: paintthecityred"
BLINKIES; I don't require any credit for these. I don't make the pixels, just edit the name
COLORBARS; I provide the link in the coding. Don't remove it and you're set.
ANYTHING ELSE; will be specified in the post.

put one in your userinfo. it makes me happy ♥

AIM; youremyxcanvas
EMAIL; sxelostsoul@cox.net

For icon bases & brushes:
zekkai jjloa
ewanism x_ohmyfluff
dj43 gegenschein
xxestellaxx ishoku
meleada ispeakwhale_
dearest liminalstate
noloversfool sheld0n
digitaljazz ewanism
unmasked_icons animavuoto
artphilia fluffy_monster
purebloodicons contradictz
natangel mhari
meleada _fullyalive
incripacu digitalstar
customer_mini harmonious
meitei stillbeautiful
the_iconism emonet25
inxsomniax britneysme
oh_photoshopped colorfilter
lasciviae lorien_maiden
brokenicon lipsofpoison
daughterofsnape myrasis
hexicons scarsonchest
sweet100x100 jadedicons
nardasarmy lipsofpoison
vodkaandirony eowyn
emonet25 marx
ohfreckle graphicquandary

**anybody that i forgot let me know!

peachies collection of cute stuff

____mixedtape __billet_doux